Who We Are

Sofragem was established in Bangkok in 1985 as a French-Thai joint venture and B.O.I. promoted jewelry manufacturer. Over the years the company developed a highly regarded collection with an emphasis on quality and creativity. It soon became an outsourced supplier to a number of famous European and American brands.

Sofragem is specialized in 18K gold jewelry with gemstones. Over the years our name has become synonymous with quality and reliability and we have been rewarded several times. Sofragem is known as a laboratory of new ideas and for the high quality of its products.

We are located in the center of Bangkok, in the heart of the jewelry district, where the supply of all kinds of precious stones is at its best.

Today Sofragem employs more than 200 skilled craftspeople who are dedicated to create and produce only high quality jewelry. Half of the production is used for Sofragem’s own collection which is distributed in the best stores worldwide. This collection has solidly established our high reputation.

The other half of our production is reserved for brand manufacturing for those select companies who know we will deliver according to their high standards.

Sofragem keeps investing in the most modern equipment and technology available on the market and we improve everyday with the concept that made us a success:

  • Creativity: a capacity of more than 600 new models per year delivered by a team of in-house designers.

  • Quality: the highest standards through constant quality control at each stage of manufacturing.

  • Uniqueness: we expertly select the precious stones we use for their unique and high quality.

  • Innovation: the best equipment for the best technicians allow us to develop innovative creations and new manufacturing techniques.

  • Reliability: strict manufacturing controls guarantee product accuracy and on time deliveries.

If you would like to know more about our company, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for Cedric Garnier or Withaya Chan-in.

Sofragem Co., Ltd.
55 Pan Road
10500 Bangkok

T: 662 238 4060
F: 662 238 4061
E: info@sofragem.com